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No matter what industry you work in, having the right parts and tools is a high priority. When it comes to managing your inventory and producing quality equipment, it’s in your best interest to work with a capable manufacturer who will keep things as simple as possible for you and your employees.

At Crosshaven Assets, we proudly supply our clients with a wide range of commercial and industrial parts and equipment. Our industrial equipment surplus parts in Cleveland, OH, are acquired at competitive prices, so we’re able to pass those savings on to our customers. From small commercial supplies such as uniforms to full-sized industrial parts, we’re capable of shipping what your operation needs to succeed quickly and effectively.

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Running any company is no easy task. Your equipment needs to continuously evolve as you deliver new products and services to the market. As a used equipment distributor, we obtain and distribute quality industrial equipment parts, modules, machinery, and a wide variety of other construction items. Regardless of your particular line of work, we’re confident that we have products that you could put to use in our extensive product catalog.

Over the years, we've served a wide variety of clients’ needs with our vast inventory of surplus industrial equipment parts, dependable service, and our dedicated, knowledgeable staff. Today, our goal remains the same. To continue to provide services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectation and all regulatory requirements.

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Thanks to our secure network of distributors, we’re able to deliver an extensive selection of industrial equipment surplus parts and tools nationwide. We make a point to furnish only the best possible parts and components that perform exceptionally well while minimizing our customers' costs without compromising reliability.

Be sure to ask about our upcoming sales and promotions, including new deals from our liquidation and surplus suppliers. We frequently bring in a wide range of products, including pharmaceutical wares, automotive items, and industrial assembly parts. Whether you're an established operation that needs replacement parts or a new factory looking to get things moving quickly, we’ve got surplus industrial equipment that’s sure to meet your needs. Reach out to our professionals to schedule a consultation today.

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